Let's talk about Make Up trends!

August 4, 2017

It is a revolution that caused the whole line of kylie jenner, from his famous lip kit to his birthday special, but now also Kim Kardashian with his line of highlighter and contour.

I would like to comment a little on both lines, currently i must say that Kylie Jenner lip kits saved my life.



Not until long ago my routine of make up on lips was my favorite lipstick, remove excess with paper towel and seal with a translucent powder and so repeat about 2 or 3 times the step… all this to make it matte and non transferable!!

Well thanks to this clan that brought us these eminences in make up today my routine change, i only use the lip linner and the gloss and ready. It is very practical to carry, dry instantly and lasts about 18 hours without needing to retouch… they are not gossip, fully confirmed that lasts up to 18 hours!!



It is not new that we install trends but expanding into the world of make up was a great idea of mamanager Kris Jenner.

Clearly had a lot of success Kylie that today is one of the first in the ranking of sales inwhat is make up and to add you add your sister Kim Kardashian West that brings us your new line highlitter and contour, who more than she to offer us this, since it was the first to impose this trend.



Basically it consists of highlighting and accentuating those features that we like and hide those that do not favor us with illuminators. As for this line to all those who did at home it was very practical to have a palette of illuminators and some bronzes. This was done for all until we do not have that time, consists of a double tip pen with illuminator and concealer, also includes a brush type beauty blender and a brush of semi natural hair.



I must tell you, it's great! I am a person that i have a daughter of 2 years mainly i need time and to do everything fast… it is not novelty. To change our children first and to have 5 minutes to change us before they send one of theirs… well this was done for those cases since with both pencils we generate the lines that we want to illuminate and hide and with the sponge we blur it very fast.

Well this was done for those cases since with both pencils we generate the lines that we want To illuminate and hide and with the sponge we blur it very fast. As for the skin adapts without problem, it comes in 4 shades from the clearest to the most dark.



I highly recommend that you try the whole line, both kkwbeauty and Kylie Jenner, will help a lot and more if you need to save that time you lose by blurring with brushes or sealing lips.


By Mayra Gonzalez.


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